Welcome to Episode 17 of the Observed Tech PODCAST.

This week’s episode looks back over some interesting tech stories of the week which began on 15 May 2011.  Amongst the stories we discuss are Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg wanting kids under 13 to be able to use the social website; a Seattle non-profit stands up to a corporate giant; Sony gets hacked – again – two more times; Windows Mobile 6.x first shut down steps happening; Mac defender trojan causing issues for Apple users; WordPress.com drops support for IE6; Upcoming Windows Phone 7 update will have a consolidated inbox; Twitter fine tuning what devs can access on your Twitter timeline; Xbox Live’s Major Nelson clarifies the new Xbox 360 console and disc format compatibility confusion;  Office XP support ending; SmartScreen in IE8 and IE9 is working; GilsMethod.com new Answers website; Windows Phone 7 app of the week Wordrix.  We wrap up the show with a review of the posts on WindowsObserver.com for the last week.

See the show notes below for all the items we covered and links to the original stories.

Enjoy the show!

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Date Produced: 21 May 2011

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Note: I mentioned at the end of the show about my recently acquired scissor mike stand and wanted to include a shot of me sitting in front of the new PODCAST workstation.  Now you can get a visual of where I am at when sharing news and notes with you on the show.

This setup really does make podcasting much easier by having all the gear in one place and always ready to record.  The mike stand completely eliminates the hum I was getting from the desktop mike stand so it has made a huge difference in the sound quality as well.

I am looking forward to recording many more shows with this setup.