Talk about keeping a deal on the down low.  The first reports about this that I became aware of concerning this purchase by Microsoft started to hit my Twitter timeline Monday night and by the time I woke up Tuesday morning the tech sites were full of the reports that it was happening.

I am impressed that this deal was not getting a lot of sniffs from the tech industry but it had obviously been in the works because I do not think you settle a deal worth 8.5 billion without having a few chats about it.  Maybe they even had a few of them via Skype!

You can get online and read all the opinions about this purchase from the tech websites but from my perspective the one I agree with the most was posted by Robert McLaws at  In fact, this post brought Robert back to his website after a 6 month absence!

He focuses his post on several areas that this acquisition will impact at Microsoft and Skype in the long run.  From improving Skype software through further development, increasing Skype’s reliability by hosting the service in Azure data centers, improving video streaming and quality with IIS and just getting the Skype Microsoft brand on so many desktops and other devices.  He has a terrific perspective on this whole deal and you should go over and read the entire posting.

Robert wraps it up in a way only he can at the end of his post:

So screw it. Go for broke. Why not? The injection of a successful brand and fresh blood into the company may be just what Microsoft needs to take back some more mindshare from people too enamored with Apple’s shiny design and Google’s nefarious plans to care otherwise.

So make sure you head over to Robert’s site to let him know if you agree with everything he said or not – I think he knocked it out of the park.

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