How-To’s are a very popular story subject on many sites around the web and Microsoft is a company that does not mind sharing their experiences in deploying tools and capabilities within their own network/systems.  They call them Microsoft IT Showcases.

Recently Microsoft posted two new showcases on their Download Center that discusses the logistics of deploying tools that encouraged Social Computing and Social Video capabilities to their employees.

Yes, these and their other showcase articles talk about using their products to accomplish these things, in these two cases SharePoint.

Implementing Social Computing at Microsoft

Microsoft IT recently deployed Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 with an enhanced user experience by improving MY sites and providing a useful, relevant, and secure news feed. Hear how managers recognized the social features in MY sites, and learn what was needed to understand how the social aspects were positioned within the rest the environment. Topics in this webcast include a discussion of SharePoint 2010, the impact on the employee culture and expected social computing adoption rates, and how to integrate the services with other offerings.

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How Microsoft Built Its Internal Social Video Platform

Are you faced with the challenge of providing video and podcasting services? Are you curious about how to design rich portal experiences that easily present both community and governed assets in context and drive social contribution? This IT Showcase explores how we built Microsoft’s internal solution on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 by leveraging SharePoint 2010 social, search, and managed metadata services to drive compelling solutions and content using social capabilities as the common fabric that connects.

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