Not only that but they are also making it easier for you to move your videos from Google Video to YouTube.

We’ve created an “Upload Videos to YouTube” option on the Google Video status page. To do this, you’ll need to have a YouTube account associated with your Google Video account (you can create one here). Before doing this you should read YouTube’s Terms of Use and Copyright Policies. If you choose this option, we’ll do our best to ensure your existing Google Video links continue to function.

Here is a screenshot of that new function courtesy of Google Video’s email to me this morning:


You have to give credit to Google for listening to their customers in this situation and making the transition process easier.

I had two videos from 2005 that I had shot of our backyard bird feeders and I just went through the upload process to YouTube and it was quick and easy.

Here are my two videos with the new option indicated at the bottom


When I selected them and pressed the Upload Videos to YouTube button I got this screen:


As you can see each has a Publish button at the bottom of each videos information.  A quick press of that results in a link being updated with your videos new location:


A click of that URL does not take you to the video play page on YouTube but the properties page so you have a chance to update the category, keywords, description, etc.

Past views of the video while it was on Google Video do not get carried over to the YouTube version.

So, anyone else try to move their videos yet? How did it go for you.  I found the process took less than a couple of minutes despite the two videos I had on the service being less than 18 minutes total.