Red Rock Canyon Nevada Windows 7 Themes


It has been a while since I posted any original Windows 7 themes from my photo collection but since we made a recent trip out West to visit Nevada and Arizona I have plenty of material for new themes. 

The first two I will post are from the same place but show off the two distinctly different types of rocks and formations you see around the scenic loop road there.

These are from Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area which is located about 20 miles West of the Las Vegas strip.  Amazing that such awesome scenery is just a short drive from the bright lights of downtown Las Vegas.

Look for more new Windows 7 themes in the next couple of weeks featuring the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona.


P4075636 P4075641 P4075642
P4075645 P4075649 P4075650
P4075651 P4075652 P4075659
P4075658 P4075646 P4075661

Download the Red Rock Canyon 1 Windows 7 Theme


P4075675 P4075676 P4075679
P4075684 P4075691 P4075693
P4075698 P4075699 P4075700
P4075703 P4075709 P4075711
P4075712 P4075713 P4075714

Download the Red Rock Canyon 2 Windows 7 Theme

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