We are obviously in the midst of a regular string of updates to the Bing Dynamic RSS Windows 7 theme as two more pictures were added to the feed yesterday.

For those who may possibly be unaware of what this Windows 7 theme is about let me give a quick update.  Windows 7 introduced the ability to add pictures to your desktop background collection by providing a RSS feed in the personalization properties.  As pictures get added to the feed they become part of your collection and added to your desktop system for display.  Just like reading an RSS feed in your favorite reader program except the pictures are the update instead of articles.

Bing’s Dynamic RSS Feed is located at and now contains 38 pictures total.  Of course the theme features pictures that have been on the Bing search home page.  If you follow that RSS feed you will see when these photos are updated as well.

The latest two additions to the Bing Dynamic RSS Windows 7 Theme are below – enjoy.


Download the Silly Seal Desktop Background

Painted Hills in John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in central Oregon

Download the Painted Hills Desktop Background

I sure would like to know what that seal is laughing about – don’t you?