This question applies to both ads in your mobile browser and those that are prevalent in mobile applications.

From a personal perspective my answer is no except for accidentally tapping an ad in a Windows Phone 7 application once.  I have come to the point that I do not see the ads anymore.  I know they are there and am conscious of the ad rotating but it is a peripheral thing not a primary focus.  I am not even sure I could tell you what any of the ads have been about – even the one I accidentally tapped on.

Now of course I am just a single person and my experience in no way is an indicator of what is happening across thousands of mobile handsets but it really got me thinking of whether the mobile advertisement industry is working.  A large majority of applications that are offered for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace contain mobile ads.  The developers of those apps usually offer a paid version of the app that is exactly like the free one except the ads are removed.  No new functionality or anything like that but just the removal of the ads.

I was watching my Twitter stream the other day and a comment came across that caught my attention about mobile apps and advertisements.  So I asked the question if people are really clicking on them and the reply was yes.  I then asked if there was data to support the comment and the return response was another yes.  So my next question was if those stats were available publicly and the reply was no.  Now the source is someone I consider dependable so seeing the stats is not critical for me to believe the ads are productive.

So it sounds like across the industry people are clicking on those mobile ads.  What about you?  Do you click on them or just leave them alone? I would love to hear from some app developers about your own experience with the ads in your apps.

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