When IE9 entered the scene it was the first version of Internet Explorer to really minimize the user interface.  Gone were the tool bars and extra menu items by default.  In its place was a simple uncluttered browser window.


Default Internet Explorer 9 Interface

The RSS detection capabilities are still present in IE9 but the RSS icon is not displayed by default.  There are two options for accessing the RSS feeds in IE9.

The first is to add the Command Bar back to the IE9 interface.  Just right click on the Tools icon, looks like a gear on the far right side of the IE9 window, and get the context menu.


Internet Explorer 9 Tools Context Menu

Just left click on the Command Bar entry on the context menu and you will get the Command Bar back in the interface just below the address and tabs bar.


As you will see not only do you get the RSS icon back but you also get several other menu options.  This toolbar might look familiar because in IE8 it was located to the right and below the address bar.  Unfortunately, to get the RSS icon you have to take the rest of the Command toolbar.

Now if you would prefer to not have the extra toolbar and regain that screen real estate there is another option to gain easy access to RSS feeds on a webpage but it does not place the RSS icon back on the screen.  It actually uses a hot key shortcut to the menu item.

If you press ALT T you will get the IE Tools menu and then you can cursor or mouse down the menu to find the RSS feeds for the page:


RSS Sub Menu on IE9 Tools Menu

Now this will cause the Tools Menu to show on the IE9 interface while your working with this menu but it will disappear as soon as you make your selection or exit the menu.

Of course there is one last method and that is to scan the page your visiting and see if they have a RSS icon on their page to access their feed.  I know – a little old school – but it still works!