Next up for our National Geographic themes which are built from shots contained in the National Geographic photo collection is one with underwater wrecks.  This is a great looking set of photos which also contains a shot of the most famous shipwreck of them all.  Can you identify which one is Titanic?

18502_1280x1024-wallpaper-cb1271170871 18503_1280x1024-wallpaper-cb1271170871
18504_1280x1024-wallpaper-cb1271170871 18505_1280x1024-wallpaper-cb1271170871
18506_1280x1024-wallpaper-cb1271170871 18507_1280x1024-wallpaper-cb1271170871
18509_1280x1024-wallpaper-cb1275424146 18512_1280x1024-wallpaper-cb1271170871

Download the NatGeo Underwater Wreckage Windows 7 Theme