This week I am featuring someone in this series that I was not even thinking would ever be covered in it.  They do not have a bunch of apps on their phone but the apps they do have found their place on the handset they’re using because they find them engaging and stimulating.

Our guest this week is none other than my wife!  Margo readily admits to not being a geek.  She is connected to life and spirituality in a very unique and special way and technology does not play the same role in her day to day life as it does in mine.  Don’t get me wrong – she knows how to navigate around her computer and uses it to get her school work done, check email and browse the web – it is just that technology is not a driving force for her like it is for me.  We are both very OK with that.

In December, when I picked up our Windows Phone 7 handsets, Margo started using a Samsung Focus and has slowly adapted to the phone, its layout and functionality.  We are polar opposites when it comes to apps – I try out several new apps a week – I am not sure she has ever accessed the Marketplace on her phone.  Again, we are OK with that.

I was actually playing a game on my phone a few weeks ago when she saw it and was interested in it.  I offered to put it on her phone and since then that app and one other from the same developer have permanent spots on her main Windows Phone 7 start page.

We are just talking about two apps here on her phone that get used beyond the handset’s functionality as a phone for voice calls and text messages.

So what are the two apps?

Scrambled Free – Think of this as Scrabble on your phone.  You get a random selection of nine letters to begin with and must make up a words with the letters in front of you.  You get scored based on the letters used and earn bonuses the longer a word is.  Letters that are used in a word get replaced by letters from the queue until they run out.  The game keeps track of your highest scores over time.

Jumbled Free – This game presents you with 7 random letters which you must then build 20 words out of.  Not just any 20 words but words that meet the following length criteria:

  • 4 words 3 letters in length
  • 8 words 4 letters in length
  • 4 words 5 letters in length
  • 3 words 6 letters in length
  • 1 word using all 7 letters

There are bonuses for length of the words and point values for each letter tile.  This game also keeps track of your all time high scores as well.

Each of these games have paid versions for .99 cents but the only difference between them are the ads which are unobtrusive in the free versions.

When I asked her why she likes these games so much Margo said “Any word games are enjoyable because I like being challenged by the letters and words.  I think this is why I enjoy reading and writing so much.”

These are definitely some games that you would like having on your phone for those times you’re sitting and waiting on someone or something and you want to pass some time and stimulate your mind.

Do you have a favorite word game you enjoy on the Windows Phone 7?  Let us know in the comments.

So who will be next? Just contact me here or give me a shout on Twitter (@WinObs) if you want to share about your Windows Phone 7 apps in a future edition of What’s On Your Windows Phone 7?