If this week goes as suspected we could see two significant updates out of Microsoft for two of its major products.

The first one is for Windows Phone 7 and the over 2 million handsets that are out there.  This update is reported to be one of a couple that are expected this year for Microsoft’s latest OS entry into the mobile marketplace.  The greatest draw for this update, which is rumored to be coming tomorrow, is the addition of cut and paste to Windows Phone 7. 

Now from a personal perspective I have not missed this at all since I got my LG Quantum back in December although I am sure it will be handy at some point down the road.  I was blown away by the over reaction to it not being in the OS when the phone released but they also reacted in the same way when the iPhone did not have it either.

The other update due this week is the Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate.  It has already been reported that Microsoft sent out media invitations to an event in San Francisco, CA on 10 Feb 2011 so this update is pretty much a lock to be coming out.

I have run the IE9 Beta over the last few months on and off and I am not running it right now as both of my systems were recently refreshed and I want a clean environment to install the RC when it comes out on Wednesday.

I am looking forward to seeing the improvements over the last beta update.

So are you looking forward to either of these updates more than the other?