MIX is Microsoft’s annual conference that brings together industry professionals and gives them an opportunity to dialog about the web and what lies ahead for it.  Bringing together so many enthusiastic people creates a synergy that has been described as electric.

So with a conference like this it is a constant on the go pace and you might want to keep track of what is happening with the conference schedule while your on the run.

Now if your attending and bringing along your Windows Phone 7 device then it can be very easy to stay updated on the events happening during MIX11.

MIX Conference in The Go is a Windows Phone 7 app that was developed by ConceptDevelopment.net to put that schedule and many other features in the palm of your hand on a Windows Phone.

The app can be downloaded already but will contain schedules from past MIX conferences because the 2011 schedule is not finalized yet however, the app is set up to download the 2011 schedule via WiFi or 3G when it is available.

In the mean time you can see what happened at past events or watch the recorded sessions.

Here is what the app looks like (screenshots courtesy of the developer)

mix11wp7appscreenshot1 mix11wp7appscreenshot2 mix11wp7appscreenshot3
mix11wp7appscreenshot4 mix11wp7appscreenshot5 mix11wp7appscreenshot6

The cost of the app? Free – my favorite price!