Rovio Mobile just tweeted this out to the world:

RovioMobile Another reason to watch the Super Bowl. You might see a something to unlock something special in Angry Birds.

That link leads to a story at Advertising Age ( that provides details of a special 30 second spot that will run during the 4th quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl that will contain an embedded code to give players access to a free secret level.

Users who complete the secret "Angry Birds" level will then be entered in an official "Rio" sweepstakes, in which one grand-prize winner will be flown to the film’s March 22 premiere in Rio de Janiero. March 22 is also the launch date of the previously announced "Angry Birds Rio" app.

Fox said the spot will be the first Super Bowl ad that requires viewers to pause the spot and watch frame-by-frame to capture an embedded code.

So fire up your DVR’s and TiVo’s and grab your code!