Tenthings.me is another social media style sharing website that allows users to give up personal tidbits and details that could be used in a social engineering scheme to gain access to personal data, accounts, etc.

Oh wait – actually the description from the page states it slightly differently:

TenThings is a place to share (up to) ten things about yourself that your friends and co-workers might not know.

Just for fun.

OK – so that clears things up just a little bit as you don’t have to share ten things – you can actually share up to ten things.

The site integrates with Facebook so after someone peruses your personal information on Tenthings.me they can then visit your Facebook profile and gain additional data and maybe even some clarification on something you posted.

Why are these types of pages so popular amongst people anyway?

It does appear some are not playing the Tenthings.me game and are leaving their entries totally blank but then again maybe they are coming back later to fill it in.

I know there is a ton of info out there about us on the web but why go to a place and purposefully provide supposed unknown things?

Anyone got any idea?  Would you do it?