Steve Clayton posted today on the Next at Microsoft blog about a new social aggregator from Microsoft’s Fuse Labs called Spindex.

Spindex comes from our FUSE Labs team with the aim of bringing you your entire social world in one page. That’s a pretty ambitious goal but by bringing in your Twitter feed, Facebook feed and any RSS feeds you specify, it does a pretty good job.

During a demo this week by Matt MacLaurin, I was drawn in to the idea of using Spindex just to see what my tribe is focused on. Matt pointed out that the trending topics are not just the typical global or city based Twitter trends – they’re your personal trends based on what your network is talking about. It’s a useful way to get a sense of what’s hot with your friends.

What a great way to keep an eye on things if your network has grown and developed as they all do.

I set up my Twitter and Facebook profile easily but am running into a little of a challenge getting it to take my RSS feed it seems to recognize it but fails to keep it registered. 

Despite that here is a screenshot of what the interface looks like with my Twitter and Facebook feeds combined:


As you can see there are a list of trending topics on the left hand side which are clickable to drill down on; on the right side are summaries of stories I have tweeted links for, in the middle is all the content from the social networks and sources I provided Spindex.

This has a lot of potential for consolidating your social networks and allowing you to share content as easily as you can on any of the sites it aggregates.

Microsoft Research sure does come up with some great applications.  Can we get this ported to Windows Phone 7!