Enter the cute plush filled world of ilomilo where Safkas run free and the puzzles are plentiful.

Meet ilo and milo. They’re two longtime friends who want to hang out every single day.  However they are unable to do that because a problem arose.  You see nobody in ilo and milo’s world is allowed out after dark!  This created a conflict between ilo and milo as they now couldn’t spend time together after dark but they still have quite a good time finding each other during the day to spend time together and this is where the player comes in.

The Premise

The main goal of ilomilo is to reunite ilo and milo by completing the levels which consists of puzzles that you must work through.  These puzzles can range from the extremely simple to the mind blowing hard! On the outside ilomilo may seem like a cute and simple puzzle game but in reality it’s a very challenging game.

Graphics & Display

The graphics in ilomilo are simply fantastic. Throughout all of the levels you will see amazing creatures flying though the background, moving and talking blocks and sometimes even other characters coming out to talk!  The cute and plushy ilo and milo dance for joy when they’re reunited. The entire game is shown throughout a plushy, cute, Japanese esque art style. Every single thing in ilomilo appears to be hand sewn and it looks simply amazing.


The controls aren’t very hard to master and the game can become very challenging at the later levels however, it can seem to be repetitive at times. 

Throughout ilomilo the game also becomes somewhat of a collect-em-all game.  You can collect many different items such as records, pictures of past adventures with ilo and milo, small colored orbs and Safkas which are the little pets found in the ilomilo world.

Final Thoughts

ilomilo is a spectacular game. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is fun and the puzzles are challenging. Although I did have one huge problem with ilomilo – the challenge of the final puzzles. Near the end of the game the puzzles become so mind twisting hard that I was forced to search a guide for them after trying on my own for 2 hours.  This turns a fun game into a frustrating one. Due to that I would have to award ilomilo a 7.0 out of 10.

This game is available for both Xbox Live Arcade and the Windows Phone 7.

Final Score – 7.0/10

Editor’s Note:  This game was offered free to AT&T customers when they first released the new Windows Phone 7 handsets and I have spent my share of time playing it on my Windows Phone.  Just like Austin describes it – quite entertaining.