There was an entry in my RSS feeds today that was titled Hot Apps: CES 2011 -Xbox LIVE Titles for Windows Phone however, if you click on that link you will be taking to a page not found at Channel 9.


So I am not sure if the story got posted a little early and hit the RSS feed and was subsequently pulled but the entry in my RSS reader does have a lone link in it to a video.

That video just happens to be a new edition of Hot Apps for Windows Phone 7 with Laura Foy from Channel 9.

In this video she highlights some special Xbox Live based Windows Phone games that are being announced at CES this weekend.

Here are the games she mentions in the video:

  • Fable Coin Golf
  • Pocket God – is already in the WP7 Marketplace.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
  • Full House Poker – the first Windows Phone 7 game that lets you play as your Xbox Live avatar.
  • Xbox Live Game Room – 6 classic arcade games that will have worldwide leaderboards that track gamers across the Xbox 360 console, Windows Phone 7 and PC when they play these games.
    • Asteroids Deluxe
    • Centipede
    • Shaolins Road
    • Lunar Landing
    • Pitfall
    • Time Pilot

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