One of the popular features at is the daily post which contains the links I tweeted out during the previous day on my Twitter account @WinObs.

As many who follow my Twitter account knows following those tweeted links are not for the faint of heart.  I have sent nearly 40,000 tweets since June 2008 and send anywhere between 15 to 30 tweeted links per day.

I post a daily summary of those tweeted links each morning and many followers have told me they read that each day to get the links.

In the past I read all my RSS feeds through Outlook 2010 which has a terrific RSS feed function.  I would then review them and send the links to Twitter manually to share the links.  It involved a lot of cutting and pasting of links.  However, I could only do this at home on my desktop.

So how have I changed the way I tweet links to Twitter and gotten gReadie in the process?

I recently got my Windows Phone and one of the apps I discovered was gReadie, developed by Chris Sainty, which provides a mobile interface to Google Reader.

Now I had not used Google Reader for a very long time as I read my RSS feeds in Outlook 2010.  I had been looking for a means to keep up with my feeds during the day to spread out the tweeted links and not seem to overwhelm my Twitter timeline but there had not been many viable options in syncing with Outlook 2010 and the feeds at home.

Well with gReadie and a return to Google Reader I now have a means to review my RSS feeds at any time of the day and tweet those links to Twitter.  All of my feeds stay in sync so I can move in between my phone and desktop easily and not have to dig through things I have already reviewed.

gReadie is a well done program and is visually sharp with its appealing black interface and white chalk style font.  It has all of the abilities you would expect tied to Google Reader including starred entries to come back to later and sharing entries with several sites including Twitter and Facebook.  You can even provide your username and API key to use your own short URL for the links.

Chris is very active on Twitter with a series of tips to help you get the most out of gReadie and has posted the following YouTube video to let you see what the program is all about.

If you’re a Google Reader user and want to stay connected to your feeds while mobile with your Windows Phone 7 handset then check out gReadie.