Microsoft has extended the availability of their Windows 7 Enterprise 90 day trial until 29 April 2011.

This free download provides you a great opportunity to verify that your current computer system can run Windows 7 and lets you explore the OS to really learn your away around it before you make the decision to upgrade to it.

My suspicion is that if you spend 90 days with Windows 7 you will want to upgrade before that time is over.

Now if your already a member of one of these groups you very likely have access to a final version of Windows 7 for testing purposes:

Microsoft Partner Network
MSDN Subscriber (Developer)
TechNet Plus Subscriber
Volume License/Software Assurance customer

If you are not though this 90 day trial is just for you.

Some things you do need to be aware of though if you choose to give this a try:

    • You have 10 days to activate the product. If not activated within 10 days, the system will shut down once every hour until activated. Unsure on how to activate?
    • The 90-day Trial is the full working version of the Windows 7 Enterprise. It will not require a product key (it is embedded with the download).
    • The 90-day Trial will shut down once every hour when you have reached the end of the 90-day evaluation period.
    • The 90-day Trial is offered for a limited time and in limited quantity. The download will be available through April 29, 2011, while supplies last.
    • After the 90-day Trial expires, if you wish to continue to use Windows 7 Enterprise, please note that you will be required to purchase and perform a clean installation of Windows 7, including drivers and applications. Please keep this in mind; Windows 7 Enterprise is not available through retail channels.

I recommend you install this in a dual boot configuration so you can maintain your current OS while trying this one out.  Just visit the Install more than one operating system (multiboot) page at Microsoft to learn how to do that.

Visit the Windows 7 Enterprise 90-day Trial page for download links.