So it is the day after Christmas and I am sure many households now have a Kinect hooked up to their Xbox 360 to enable hands free gaming.

We have one here as well and one of the neat features of the device is that while your interacting with it to control whatever game your playing it is keeping its eye on you as well.

Now this is not a sinister eye – it shows you the video afterwards and you get the option to either upload it to where only you can access it by logging in with your Windows Live ID, which also happens to be your login to Xbox Live, or it gets dumped as soon as you continue with the game. 

Nothing leaves your console unless you give it permission to do so.

If you opt to upload the videos after your game is over you can then download them from and save them to your local computer for later viewing if you catch a really funny moment.

Of course using Windows Live Movie Maker you can splice a series of videos together and throw them up on YouTube to share with family, friends and strangers worldwide!

Kind of like this:

By the way the controller is easy to set up and I am yet to notice any lag in the system as I play games.

Can you figure out the games being played based on the above video?