I was just browsing Amazon and came across this new feature that is now in beta.  It looks like they have stepped up the social aspect of shopping to find what connects you and your Facebook friends.


How does it work?  Well as described on the sign up page:

Improve your Amazon shopping experience by tapping into your Facebook network.

  • Discover Amazon recommendations for movies, music, and more based on your Facebook profile.
  • See upcoming birthdays and find Amazon Wish Lists for your friends on Facebook more easily.
  • Get gift suggestions for your friends based on their Facebook profiles.
  • Explore your friends’ profiles and see who has similar interests.

Your personal Amazon data will not be shared with Facebook.

  • Amazon will not share Your Account information with Facebook.
  • Amazon will not share your purchase history with Facebook.
  • Amazon will not attempt to contact your friends on Facebook.

Should be interesting to see how this pans out.