flickr photo by user halderman

Sunday’s tend to be very slow news days in the technology world and so you never know what you might hear/see from individuals who otherwise are knee deep in the technology news cycle.

As I was perusing my Twitter Stream and RSS feeds yesterday morning I came across a tweet from Lance Ulanoff who is  the Editor in Chief for PC Magazine.  He was also a fellow NASA STS-133 Tweetup attendee back in May of this year.

Here is the tweet from Lance:

@LanceUlanoff: My wife is finally reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" on her Nook. she calls it "a real page clicker".

What caught my attention is how his wife referred to this book as a page clicker.  Before e-readers we used to call those types of books page turners.

So this in turn had me thinking about some of the different ways technology has changed how we use words.  Technology has quite a history of impacting popular culture and in turn our vocabulary:

  • We no longer make copies – we Xerox things.
  • When we want to connect with someone later we say Facebook, Tweet, or text me.
  • Now we Google something instead of search for it.
  • If we plan to write about something online we say we are going to blog about it.
  • Browsing something does not necessarily mean we are looking through a store at things for sale.

So what examples do you have of words or phrases we use today that have come about due to technology?