I now have a full week under my belt using the LG Quantum Windows Phone 7 and have had a chance to really put it through the paces I put a smart phone through and see how it performs.  I am quite happy with the handset and the new Windows Phone mobile OS.

In doing this I have developed a list of applications that have taken up residency on my handset because they are apps I want to have handy when I am mobile.

In the theme of a popular commercial which asks What’s In Your Wallet? I want to start a regular piece on this site that asks you the question What’s On Your Windows Phone 7?

This inaugural edition will be my opportunity to share with you what I have decided to have on my phone and why it is there – at least for now!  Changes with apps are always authorized.

Future editions of this feature will be highlighting the apps you have decided to have on your phone and why so that everyone can see what is out there and different perspectives each of us have when it comes to our apps. 

Just contact me here or give me a shout on Twitter (@WinObs) if you want to share about your Windows Phone 7 apps in a future edition of What’s On Your Windows Phone 7?

This new feature is being done in conjunction with the Windows Phone 7 App Listing site WP7applist and these links will lead to the highlighted apps on their website.

So lets take a look at my Windows Phone and what apps are currently installed:

  • Backgrounds 10,000 Wallpapers – Free
  • Official Facebook App for Windows Phone 7 – Free
    • This is Microsoft’s app for interacting with Facebook.
  • Fandango – Free
    • Great for finding nearby movie theaters and showings.  You can even purchase tickets using the app to pick up at the box office.
  • gReadie – $1.99
    • This app allows you to access and interact with your Google Reader feeds including sharing on popular social media sites.  This app has completely changed how I share tech links on this website throughout the day.  A larger review and interview with the developer is coming soon.
  • Internet Movie Database (IMDB) – Free
    • I am a movie buff and IMDB has always been my favorite website to learn who is that actor/actress in that movie or TV show.  It does quite a bit more but I mainly use it for the easy access to search IMDB.
  • Metro Web Browser – $1.99
    • A very customizable wrapper that places itself on top of IE and gives you a lot more configuration options than the default IE browser does.
  • Scores – Free
    • Quick access to scores for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB.  No stats or stories – just raw scores.
  • Official Twitter App for Windows Phone 7 – Free
    • You have to be on Twitter from your phone right?  Very functional app.
  • The Weather Channel – Free
    • What you would expect it to be.  Incorporates a live tile for your home screen that shows current conditions.
  • Weather Radar – Free
    • Shows National Weather Service radar images for 50 US States, Puerto Rico and Guam.  Great travel tool.
  • WHS Phone – $3.99
    • Allows direct interaction with your Windows Home Server (WHS) from your phone.  Allows you to stream music, view pictures and do same basic WHS functions.
  • Wooter – Free
    • See the Daily, Shirt, Wine, Kids, and Sellout Woots
  • US Yellow Pages Search – Free
    • Another self explanatory one – quick reference to local business search.
  • YouTube – Free
    • Integrates so that when you click on a YouTube link on your phone it plays.  Also places links to recently played videos in your Music and Video hub.
  • Xbox Live Extras – Free
    • Adds additional capabilities for the Xbox Live part of the Windows Phone 7 so you can interact with your avatar on the phone.  Allows you to change your avatar’s style and appearance.

That is where I am at, for now anyway, with my apps.  How about you? Where are you at with apps on your Windows Phone 7? Do you have more than 15 installed?

I am looking forward to featuring What’s On Your Windows Phone 7 in the future! 

Who will be the first one?