A fellow Twitterer and STS-132 @NASATweetup attendee, Janelle Wilson, has given me permission to use some of her autumn photos she took last month to put together a Windows 7 Fall Theme.  If you like reddish tones then you will love this theme as it really highlights the reds that are part of the Fall colors at this time of year.

Red Autumn Leaves

5212148401_4ca80a53b2_o 5212153573_1bd0b57c3f_o 5212154599_abbe76ee79_o
5212157633_47af2d32a7_o 5212158645_22fdb71f56_o 5212160799_de7c4dcc60_o
5212180017_27bc308060_o 5212183089_e93dd0e7ff_o 5212757854_6801d95b99_o

Download the Red Autumn Leaves Windows 7 Theme by Janelle Wilson

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