It has been just less than a week since Need For Speed Hot Pursuit was released and so I thought I would pull together some of the reviews that are out there to see what is being said about it.

From a personal perspective I have put almost every hour of my gaming this past week into Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and am really enjoying it.  I have been playing both sides, cops and racers, and each provide a very unique game play experience which I think will give this game lots of single player action.

On the online side I have only ventured out there once for a race against 7 other racers.  I did experience some lag at the beginning of the match but it cleared up.

All in all this will be a game I play for a while.  As I have said before, it is a great combination of Need For Speed Most Wanted and Burnout Paradise.

Here are several of the current reviews I have seen: