Well everyone who rushed home with their brand new copy of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit this week got a little surprise when they got the game up and running and many were not too happy about it.

What they found as they entered into the game was a video trailer for the upcoming release of Need For Speed Shift 2.  I do not think most of the gamers would have minded the video being there except that you could not bypass it.  You had to sit there and watch this commercial for NFS: Shift 2:

It was wedged in between updating your system for online play and the main menu of the game.

There has been a mixed reaction on Twitter about this mandatory viewing as you might imagine:

ScottCJones So NFS: Hot Pursuit opens with 1. inputting a 20-digit-long code and 2. a commercial for Shift 2. Not getting off on the right foot so far.


tondog Hey @ea thanks for making me sit through an unskippable trailer for NFS shift 2 before playing hot pursuit. I really appreciate that.


Hyperfludd NFS Hot Pursuit opens with an unskippable trailer for Shift 2. Ugh.


Jose_Bear Nice advert for NFS Shift 2 Unleashed in the opening of HP. I got an achievement for having 5 NFS friends as well lol.


WickedPill O!!!!! They put the shift 2 trailer on the nfs hp intro!!!


wolrah EA, unskippable promo for NFS Shift 2!?! Really, you guys suck.


thewesker Had no idea NFS Shift 2 was coming. Trailer at the start of NFS Hot Pursuit.


AlexKamenetzky So NFS Hot Pursuit came with a SICK trailer for NFS Shift 2: Unleashed!

What do you think – creative marketing or unacceptable after someone just paid $59 for a new game?