Microsoft continues the flow of new themes at the Windows Personalization Gallery and this one is a great seasonal theme around the fall Thanksgiving holidays here in the US.

It is also a smorgasbord of backgrounds – 18 of them in all – a very healthy collection that will certainly whet your appetite.  There I think I got plenty of food references in there!

Blackberries ripening on vine Apple harvest, Autumn Close-up of a rice plant in field, Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Rice growing on terraced fields on mountain slopes, Longsheng, China Harvested field, Tuscany, Italy Peach on a Tree
Grapevines and olive trees, Panzano in Chianti, Tuscany, Italy Grapes Terraced rice field, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Farmland with canola in foreground, Tiger Hills, Manitoba, Canada Olive groves, with the produce of groves laid out on a marble table, Pisa, Italy Wheat crop ready for harvest, close-up, Australia
Harvested cacao, St Lucia, Caribbean Hay bales in field Fresh grapes on vines, California, United States
Fog over landscape, Yamakoshi, Nagaoka,  Niigata Prefecture, Japan Multi-colored Indian corn at a farm in Marion County, Oregon Farmhouse in  vineyard at sunset, Panzano, Chianti, Tuscany, Italy

Download the Harvest Time Windows 7 Themepack