In conjunction with the release of Windows Phone 7 this past Monday Microsoft commissioned Harris Interactive to survey mobile phone users to learn about cell phone usage and etiquette.

The ways in which people use their mobile phones are changing daily. No longer are these phones just used to place calls — people now use them to edit documents, watch TV and keep up with their friends on Facebook. As people use their phones more often, mobile phone behavior has changed. It is now not unusual for the occasional phone to drop in a toilet or for someone to answer a call while on a date. The prevalence of this type of mobile phone behavior is changing society as we know it, and the new Windows Phone 7 is shining a light on this cultural phenomenon of bad phone behavior. In October 2010, Microsoft Corp. partnered with Harris Interactive Inc. to commission a telephone survey that shows how the mobile phone has infiltrated people’s lives. To commemorate the U.S. launch of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is challenging consumers to get a grip on their mobile phone habits. By reimagining the way people access information on their smartphones, Windows Phone 7 is designed to allow people to perform common tasks more easily and faster. This document outlines the results from the survey.

You can read the entire survey summary and results by downloading this Word document.  However, if your looking for a quick summary this graphic highlights some of the interesting things they learned through the survey:


So which of these bad habits are you guilty of?