Long Zheng always has his eyes on all kinds of resources to find out various little tidbits that are interesting.

His latest discovery confirms that Microsoft is making a firm move to trademark and begin using the Microsoft: Be what’s next. branding/logo/tag line.

After it made its blurrycam debut from an internal employee-only event less than half a year ago, the new Microsoft corporate tagline “Be what’s next” is now in the final stages of brand christening as an updated wordmark was just filed to the trademark office earlier this week.

And of course leave it to Long to have an observation about the fonts being used in this as well:

P.S. The font of the new tagline doesn’t seem to use Segoe but is Helvetica Franklin Gothic like the rest of the Microsoft logo itself.

Out of curiosity I did a quick WhoIs look up for the domain and it comes up as registered to a company out of Texas called Fishnet (  From the looks of their website it appears they offer several online services but their latest news entry is dated March 2005 so this may be a defunk company.  However, the domain was recently renewed in September 2010 and expires in October 2011 so that indicates some activity there.  This domain was originally registered back in October of 2006.

I wonder if Microsoft will want to purchase the domain as they get ready to move over to this branding?