Tom Warren of fame recently launched a new endeavor called  If you have been on the web for any length of time and follow tech news, specifically Microsoft news, then you have likely seen a lot of Tom’s work at

Well I asked Tom if he would be willing to answer a few questions via email about his new site WinRumors and his background in tech and he graciously agreed so here is that interview.

How long have you been involved with computers and technology?

Around about 15 years now, I got interested at an early age and it snowballed from there.

When did you first get on the web or build your first website?

I built my first website when I was around 12 years old. It was called and was just a personal blog.

How and when did you get involved with NeoWin?

I got involved with Neowin around 10 years ago when it first began. I was initially a forum moderator and moved into the news side. I knew the site owner from the IRC network DALNET.

Outside of computers and technology what is your biggest passion/hobby?

I’d say it’s my biggest hobby too. I’m passionate about music too and love spending time with my partner and daughter.

Where did the idea for WinRumors come from?

The idea was a mix of wanting to create a strictly Microsoft blog and an answer to MacRumors

From when you got the idea to putting the site online this month how much time passed?

I got the idea late in 2009, I registered all the relevant domains and secured all the usernames at twitter, facebook and youtube etc. I originally unveiled the plan in early 2010 and put it back till October to fully launch.

Does your new work at WinRumors mean that your done at NeoWin?

I’m not strictly done with Neowin. Microsoft news is my focus for winrumors but I will still contribute non-Microsoft news at Neowin.

How will your work at WinRumors impact what you report at NeoWin?

Just means I won’t be covering Microsoft news there anymore.

What can readers expect from WinRumors when it comes to the type of information your going to report on?

I’m going to report very closely on the things that consumers and techies that care about Microsoft want to know. This will be stuff like Windows Phone and Windows 8

What is the best rumor you ever got that was on the money and you did not report on it?

I was at a lunch with Paul Thurrott and another highly known blogger, I won’t mention his name, but this blogger said that Apple were about to move to Intel chips. Both myself and Paul dismissed it as simply a rumor but around a week later it was announced.

What is the best rumor you ever got that was on the money and you did report on it?

The best rumor was that Hotmail passwords had leaked to the internet in their thousands. I didn’t believe it at first but a tipster sent me solid information and I followed up with a story. The next thing it was worldwide news and I was asked to appear on the BBC several times and provide statements for various newspapers. Bit of a crazy time to say the least!

Thanks again to Tom for the interview and we wish him the best of luck with  It is already on my RSS reading list.