Xfinity, which is the new brand name of COMCAST’s television offerings, sent me an email today and let me know that their On Demand library is now at my disposal online.

This was great news for me personally because I can not currently access the On Demand library at home because I do not use a COMCAST DVR.  Instead I use a TiVo HD DVR which I prefer for the interface and usability compared to the COMCAST DVR they initially gave me when I upgraded to HD.  It was a choice I made consciously, to be without the On Demand access, because we wanted to go back to the TiVo interface since we have previously been using a Series 2 TiVo for 5 years.  The COMCAST DVR just did not compare to the TiVo.

So when I received the email from telling me about the On Demand being available online I had to check it out.


This online access has now opened up almost 1400 movies and over 1,000 TV shows.  Although I may occasionally use this at home I think I am more likely to use it when I am travelling on the road and looking for a movie to watch when there might not be anything else on.

The interface is straight forward and you can search the library easily to narrow down what your looking for and there is a lot of HD content available.  You do need to download an add-on to play the HD in your browser though.

The material you can access will be based on your current subscriptions for your cable access but any channel that offers free content, does not require a separate subscription (i.e. premium channel) is available in the library.

TV is everywhere it seems for real!