As we approach the holiday season one of the annual activities for this time of the year is to keep an eye on the Black Friday shopping deals that will be available.

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving when some of the most enticing deals are available for purchase.  Black Friday has changed a lot since the Internet has become such a primary tool for seeing what is out there for deals.  It used to be that you would have to scan all the various websites, and before that the newspapers, for stores to find their deals and then come up with your plan to go out on Black Friday and get those deals.  Well not any more.

The development of centralized websites to collect and hold all of these deals and offers has become a bit of a cottage industry.  In fact, if you head to Google and do a search for Black Friday shopping you would get over 34 million results. 

Black Friday has changed over the years in another way.  It is no longer just restricted to deals you can find in a physical store.  Many of the same deals you can get in a brick and mortar building on Black Friday are also available online.  The timeframes of their availability are short – in fact it can be very Woot like – but you can get some of the same great Black Friday deals through your home computer.

I use to keep track of the deals that will be available and I want to recommend it as a starting point for your research as well.  This site has a mailing list as well as RSS feeds so that you can get all the updates as stores release their Black Friday ads for the season.

In the long run the information from the Black Friday websites is going to be the same so deciding which one you want to follow is just a matter of your preference.  If your looking for a good deal and to save a few bucks in this current economy then Black Friday shopping is the way to go.

What is your favorite Black Friday website?