As we wrap up the week here is a fairly recent addition to the Windows 7 Personalization Gallery that shows of the awesome power that is in nature.  Lightning photos are always very dramatic and these are no exception.

Thunderstorm and lightning, at duskLightningLightning Striking
Lightning stormLightning stormLightning storm
Several cloud-to-ground lightning flashes from a thunderstorm in North Dakota, USALightningLightning bolts in night sky
Lightning Storm over OceanMasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya --- Lightning above Cheetah with adolescent cubs on termite moundA bolt of lightning strikes the rocky landscape of the Grand Canyon. This image was taken from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon during a mid summer thunderstorm. An annual climatic phenomenon known as the Arizona Monsoon brings warm, moist air to the Desert Southwest each summer, the hot summer sun creates powerful convectional storms on an almost daily basis.
Lightning storm Lightning Storm

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