Yesterday TiVo announced a new addition to their web based services to interact with the popular digital video recorder.

The Season Pass Manager allows you to drag and drop entries in your current list of season passes to order them how you want them.  It also includes the ability to copy a season pass from one broadband connected TiVo on your network to another one. 

For the un-initiated Season Passes are permanent requests to record all episodes of a specific series on a given channel.  This helps you to insure you do not miss any episodes of your favorite programs and it can be set to record only first run episodes or all episodes of the series you picked.

There are a few caveats for you to be able to use this new web based feature:

  • If your TiVo box is new, make sure it has connected to the TiVo service at least once before you use the Season Pass manager.
  • WishList® recordings and manual recordings are not currently displayed in the Season Pass manager.
  • Changes made on the Season Pass manager may not be displayed on your TiVo box immediately.
  • When copying Season Pass requests between boxes that are not in the same location, the Season Pass show must be scheduled to air within the next 14 days, as each box will be using a different channel lineup

Here is what the interface looks like.  I only have one TiVo on my network so that is why the second column is blank.  If you had 2 connected TiVo’s the other one would appear in that column.


This is a drag and drop interface so you just click and hold the icon of the program you want to move, delete or copy.

A couple of things I think would make this an even better tool:

  • Add the facilities to search and add a Season Pass on this page.  As it stands right now you have to go to another page to add shows to the list and then come back to the Season Pass Manager to put them in your desired order.
  • Add this ability to the mobile website (http://m.tivo.com) so that it can be edited on the go.

Other than that the Season Pass Manager is a very handy tool for when your away from your TiVo and need to edit things to make sure your favorite show gets recorded.

Are you a TiVo user? If so have you checked out the Season Pass Manager and what do you think?