Today we feature another sidebar gadget from the Windows 7 Personalization Gallery that has been downloaded over 8.6 million times!

In this globally connected world I can see where this could come in very handy on your desktop when your on Twitter or another messaging system and need to translate into our out of a foreign language.  A quick copy and paste would give you the words your looking to read or say to someone.

Simple gadget that has no options that need to be set – just select the language you want to translate from and to and then click the Translate button.  To close the flyout window with the translation just click anywhere on the desktop.

Here is the gadget as it appears by default when it is installed:


When you click to expand the size you get the larger window like this:


Here is what the gadget looks like after it has performed a translation. I can verify the Italian is correct Smile


Download the Language Translator Windows Sidebar Gadget