Here is a very handy sidebar gadget from the Windows 7 Personalization Gallery that will help you keep track of the time while you are working on your computer.

You know how it is.  Your deep into a project and before you know it the time has passed for something you had scheduled or needed to do.  So why not have a handy gadget on your desktop that will let you know when either a certain amount of time or a specific time has passed by?

Well this alarm clock gadget has been downloaded 124K times and has some great comments and is very unobtrusive on the desktop.  I think it is worth a try to help you stay on time.

Here are some screen shots to show you the interface:

General Settings


Alarm Settings


Alarm Indications


Alarm Set (see upper right hand corner)


Here is the visual indication that alarm is going off.  Make sure you select a sound because if you have windows open the visual will obviously be covered up.

Download the Alarm Clock Gadget