Windows 7 is all about personalization and customizing the operating system to your preferences.  Well did you know that one of the die hard elements of the OS – the Command Prompt – is customizable in Windows 7?

Here is how you do it.  Start by typing in the Windows 7 Start Menu search box to bring up the Command Prompt menu item and then hit return.

Here is your classic Command Prompt window:


If your ready to customize this just Right Click on the title bar to bring up the Context Menu:


Select Properties and hit the left button to bring up the customization properties dialog box.  The first tab is Options where you can change the cursor size, buffer and edit options.  I choose to leave these at their defaults.


The next tab allows you to customize the windows size and font.  I only had three font choices.


Next is the window layout and I also opted to leave these at their defaults:


The final tab on the properties dialog is the colors.  Here you can customize the color of the text, windows background, popup text and popup background.  There is a list of prepared colors or you can enter your own RGB codes:


Here is my final customized Command Prompt windows in my favorite color – blue.