While I was on the road this past week I posted a story about Internet Explorer 9’s Continued Growth and I did not have access to my server logs to update the graphs I shared 5 days after IE9 Beta was released in mid September.

Now that I am home I can update that chart and show you what has changed in the last 14 days with the IE9 Beta visits at

After holding third place on this site in the first few days above IE6 it now looks like that IE9 and IE6 are in a virtual dead heat here with the number of visits logged since 15 September 2010. 

IE6 made an overall gain of about 2K visits in that time period.


So what does it all mean? 

Well to start with there are a lot of IE6 users still out there on the Internet.  Although IE9 pulled out to an early lead it has maintained its growth and I think that continues to be an encouraging sign of its popularity and use across the web.  That will mean a more secure web overall as its use increases.

As I said a couple of weeks ago, this is a good thing as IE6 is a browser that has had support for it come to a close.   This means it will quickly fall out being up to date with any new vulnerabilities which makes it a target for those who do that type of thing.

Bottom line is that you should upgrade to a modern browser – you choose which one – but whatever you do update soon so you have the latest protection and security against the online threats that are out there.