As I am perusing my normal collection of RSS Feeds from around the tech world this morning I have now seen two posts that indicate today might be Release Candidate day for Microsoft and its suite of Windows Live programs called Windows Live Essentials.

Neither of those stories have specific references but I know Tom over at NeoWin has some pretty good information resources and then to see a random post in Italian about the same thing indicates to me there is some fire around that smoke.

I guess we will find out around 10AM PST which is when NeoWin has reported it should be available.

Update at 5:54AM EDT: I should have known the folks at would have info on this – Windows Live SkyDrive synced storage is now 5GB – in preparation for Windows Live Essentials 2011 final release today!  I had also forgotten that they posted about this possible release last week as well – Windows Live Essentials 2011 final was rumored to be coming today.

Update at 10:15 AM EDT: Also confirmed by Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet these are actually the final bits of Windows Live Essentials that are being released as opposed to a Release Candidate.

I will have to grab the download when I get home later today.  Enjoy it!