Although it has been live for a few weeks now Digg wants everyone to know that the new Digg is here and now:


The new Digg has a very social feel to it.  You can follow other Diggers and they can follow you.  You still Digg stories you like and the popular ones may make it to the front page if they are Dugg enough.  You can view your Followers Digg’s or the Digg’s of those you follow.

They have made it easy for website publishers to feed their postings to Digg via a RSS feed which puts them into the mix on the site.  Of course that is one step – next people have to Digg your stories to help them move up on the site.  That is still the challenge at Digg – getting a story Dugg enough to make the front page.

Walkthrough the new Digg with Kevin Rose from Digg Videos on Vimeo.

You can follow WindowsObserver.com on Digg or read more about the new Digg.