As I wrote up in my first post of the day, Internet Explorer 9 Beta Quick Thoughts, I have opted to remove the Internet Explorer 9 beta from my production system because of a bug that is preventing drag and drop on certain sites that implement it via JavaScript.

Since others may experience the same problem or have their own reasons for removing the IE9 beta I thought info on how to remove the beta would be useful – so here you go.

Start off by opening the Control Panel and selecting Uninstall a program:


Once the Control Panel is open you will need to View installed updates by clicking on that link in the left hand column of the dialog:


Under the Microsoft Windows listing you will see an entry for Windows Internet Explorer 9 – just click on that to uninstall the IE9 Beta:


Once it is uninstalled a reboot will be required.  When your system restarts IE8 will be available once again.

Hopefully the JavaScript issue will be fixed soon so I can get this back on my system but at least it is a quick and easy process to revert to IE8 if necessary.