With the public release of the IE9 beta last week there has been a lot of chatter across the Internet about it and its collection of new features. 

The release of any beta means there are bugs and with the new minimal interface there will be plenty of feedback and opinions on what should and shouldn’t be there.

Are you ready to provide your own feedback directly to the IE9 Team on what your seeing or would like to see and to also help squash genuine bugs in the software?

Well here is your chance because the IE9 Team has opened up a program that will allow anyone using the public beta to give that feedback.  The only thing required is a Microsoft Connect account (if you have a Hotmail or Live account then your almost there) and then to sign up for the IE Public Feedback Program on Connect.

Here are the steps to get signed up and submitting your feedback:

1. First sign up/sign in for Microsoft Connect using your Hotmail or Live mail account to gain access to the system.

2. Visit the IE Feedback Program Homepage on Connect.

3. Sign up for the IE Public Feedback Program on Connect:


4. Complete a brief survey for the IE Team.

5. Start giving your feedback by utilizing the Send feedback menu item in Internet Explorer 9:


So what have you found or recommended to be changed on the IE9 Beta?