The plug-in compatible version of the Seesmic Desktop interface to Twitter is no longer carrying a beta designation.

According to an email sent from Loic Le Meur, the founder of Seesmic, this is the first open platform for a social program:

After much hard work, Seesmic Desktop 2  (SD2) is finally ready to emerge out of beta. The inspiration to build SD2 came from the understanding that our users desired support of many different social services, more than just Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. And so, SD2 was born. With the plugin architecture in SD2, you can easily add, remove and customize the platform to include only the services that matter to you.

At launch, SD2 will contain all of the core services you’ve come to love like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Foursquare, Google Buzz,, and TwitPic, by default.

Alongside that, is the SD2 plugin marketplace. The marketplace boasts over 40 plugins at launch, with dozens more to join in the upcoming weeks. As you begin browsing the marketplace, you’ll notice services like, Zappos, Salesforce, Topsy, Klout, Socialcast, MySpace, OneRiot, SocialWok, YouTube, Google Reader, Techmeme, Ning and many more — and we haven’t even scratched the surface. Don’t see a service in our marketplace that you want? Check out our developer SDK for the platform here, and take a stab at building a plugin of your own or have our team help out with development by emailing us at

Finally, for all of you that were worried that SD2 is only compatible for Windows, we’ve got good news. SD2 is compatible on both Windows and Mac OS X machines. Yes, both Windows and Mac. Apple fanboys, rejoice.

You can also watch this brief YouTube video that introduces the new software (basically a commercial highlighting the new features):

I have going to have to give this a run and see if this plug-in supported version will duplicate the same set up and services I get from TweetDeck which is my current Twitter interface mainstay.