It has happened to everyone of us at some time or another.  You hop on the web to visit your favorite social networking website and get that dreaded site not found or site too busy result instead of the site you wanted.

The next step is to check the status of that social website by visiting the status page of the site.  However, if the sites servers are down you might not be able to get to the status page either.

What then?

Well – the solution is already out there thanks to the creative minds behind WatchMouse – a website availability monitoring company.

They have created Social Down or Not to give you a one page view of a majority of social networks to show if they are up, down or degraded.


They are also compiling trend data to show what that social website has experienced over the last 7 days:


You can take the analysis even further by clicking on any of the social site links and see a detailed breakdown on site availability:


I think this centralized point of entry to see the status of the social web will be a great resource for many people.

What do you think?