After a leaked version of this ROM surfaced back in late July the official ROM update has been released for HTC Tilt2 users.

You can head over to the HTC Tilt2 Support Page to download the ROM update and read the instructions for flashing your phone.

This update features the HTC Sense UI as a default instead of the TouchFlo 3D that was in the original ROM when the phone came out.  Some of the other updates you will see in this update include:

  • Ability to Format the SD Card directly in the device
  • Inconsistent Caller ID function Hotfix
  • TILT 2 Freezes in SMS application Hotfix
  • Phantom SMS/MMS Count Hotfix
  • Overall improvement in the devices stability/operation
  • Built-in AT&T WiFi Client
  • Built-in Vlingo voice app
  • Improved email & messaging experience
  • Improved music & calendar experience
  • Built-in Twitter application
  • Built in IM client
  • AOL, MSN, Yahoo

The download weighs in at 226MB.

If your ready to perform the update to your Tilt2 then here is how I did it and I also have the screens you can expect to see on your PC as you go through the process.  From start to finish it took less than 30 minutes.  That is not counting time to create email accounts, restore data and set my personal preferences on the phone following the update process.

First, as always, start by backing up your phone.  Do not take another step until you do this unless of course all of your personal data that are on your phone are not important.  In that case you can just charge forward as this update will completely slick your phone to put the new ROM in place.

I use Microsoft’s My Phone to back all my data to the web and then use it to restore it after the upgrade is complete.  You can also sync it with your PC using the Windows Mobile Device Center.  I actually did both methods just in case however, I only ended up needing one of them.

After you phone is backed up you need to make sure it has at least a 50% charge on the battery and then plug it up to your PC via your USB sync/charge cable.  Once it is recognized then track down the updated ROM file you downloaded from HTC Support and double click that file to start the installation process.

Here are the install screens (read from right to left by row):

htctilt2romupgrade1 htctilt2romupgrade2
htctilt2romupgrade3 htctilt2romupgrade4
htctilt2romupgrade5 htctilt2romupgrade6
htctilt2romupgrade7 htctilt2romupgrade8

After the update is done you will need to create all your email accounts, sync your phone again with either Microsoft My Phone or your PC to restore your contacts, photos, etc.  You will also need to set all your preferences as they were erased during the update as well.

The new HTC Sense UI was OK and I really liked some of the effects but after three days I got fed up because it was slowing the phone down and so I reverted back to the standard Windows Mobile interface which I had been using on the original phone ROM as well.  Of course your mileage and experience may vary.  I recommend you try it out and see if it is for you.  If it is then great and if not then you can always revert to the Windows Mobile default as well.