I have been watching a thread at TweetDeck Support about adding Twitlonger access as a feature on TweetDeck ever since I commented that I thought it should not be added.  You would be amazed at the backlash I got for my thoughts on that.

To add more length to what is allowed for Tweets or to even encourage longer tweeting by using a service that allows you to post a Tweet as long as you want and then post that shortened link to your Twitter account is defeating the purpose.

There are other means to communicate longer thoughts – maybe an email or a blog post.

I mainly use TweetDeck to read Twitter and occasionally via the web interface.  If I can not see your thoughts or tweet on my screen then I am not going to click on a link to open another window.  I am only going to do that to check out links to stories others are sharing with the Twitter Stream.

Some will say what is the difference between clicking on a story link or clicking on a link to go see the rest of a Tweet that exceeds 140 characters. I say the difference is that I know I am following a link to read more about a subject but I opt to not follow extended Tweets. 

Now if you put those thoughts in a blog post then I will follow and read about it.

Agree, Disagree or does it matter?