This game review is a guest post from Austin Griffith.

Lets Get Ready to Rumble!

Current Day: Football is the big program dominating the Monday Night Primetime. Millions flock to their TV’s to watch the big game. Football takes over a large portion of Monday Night viewers. Now, Fast forward to the future. Monday Night Football has been replaced with Monday Night Combat. Millions now flock to their TV’s on Monday night to see not football but Gun Fights.

Once you hit the main menu of Monday Night Combat you’ll be greeted with 3 options: Local Blitz, Xbox Live Blitz, and Crossfire. Let’s go over what exactly these are.

Blitz Mode (Xbox Live/Local):

Blitz mode is a ‘Gears of War Horde’ Style mode. Basically, round after round of various types of robots come forward to attack your ‘Money Ball’. The Money Ball is a floating ball which the enemies focus on attacking. When defeated your money ball explodes and you forfeit a substantial chunk of money. Throughout your arena there are various pots where you can pay to build four different types of turrets. The different turrets cost various amounts of money and do many different things. These turrets can be upgraded three times to improve strength, defense and other attributes.

Crossfire (Xbox Live)

Crossfire is the mode you’ll most likely be spending the most time on. Crossfire mode is in a large arena featuring two Money Balls – one for each team. The goal of Crossfire mode is to attack the other teams Money Ball. To help you out every few minutes a group of bots are released from each side to attack the money ball. This task can be quite simple if your enemies do not know what they’re doing but if both teams are on the ball – no pun intended – then this task can prove very challenging.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, Monday Night Combat is a ‘Team Fortress 2 Clone’ but it isn’t. Monday Night Combat is far from anything near Team Fortress 2. Monday Night Combat is an amazing game, it features great game play, cartoon-y but still good graphics, and solid controls. Monday Night Combat is definitely worth the 1,200 Microsoft Points and will keep you occupied for hours on end.

Final Rating: 10/10

Monday Night Combat is now available on the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace for 1,200 Microsoft Points of 15 USD.