When I saw the new Wolves Theme the other day on the UK version of the Windows Personalization Gallery I came across several themes I had not seen before.

So I thought I would feature one each day to assist you in adding to your personal collection of Windows 7 themes. 

Blue Water Theme

Hanna Highway, Maui, Hawaii, United States Rocky Headland, Elgin, Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK 草津白根 弓池 (Reflection of Autumn Trees in Yumi-ike Pond, Gunma Prefecture, Japan)
Nová část Písku Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden an der Elbe, Deutschland (Dresden University of Visual Arts at river Elbe, Germany) Arch Bridge and Moss Covered House, Wales, UK
Mosel nahe Bremm, Deutschland (Mosel river near Bremm, Germany) 段々畑 (Rice paddy, Mie prefecture, Japan) Flusslauf in der Wiese in Bayern, Deutschland (River running through meadow in Bavaria, Germany)
  赤目四十八滝 (Akame Shijyuhachi Waterfall, Japan)  

Download Blue Water Windows 7 Theme

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