Today in a newsletter from Loic Le Meur new features were revealed for the web based version of Seesmic’s interface to Twitter. This updates focused on incorporating access to other social media accounts via the Seesmic Web interface.

Seesmic Web now eases the management of all your social feeds, by also adding Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, all in one browser tab!

We were keen on making Seesmic Web snappier to use! Getting our web application to run faster and be more lightweight is extremely important to us. We’re hoping you’ll be delighted by the performance boost in this new version of Seesmic Web!

This, along with other improvements, allows you to expand your online horizon with essential social networks such as: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Google Buzz and Here are the updates available now in Seesmic Web:

  • Facebook and LinkedIn account Integration
  • Refreshed design and visual clues for important messages
  • HTML5 Desktop Notification (Only on Chrome)
  • More languages : Indonesian,  Korean, Polish, Dutch

There were also some design changes to better highlight tweets that mention your account, a new reply menu, Yfrog support for photo uploading and if your using Google Chrome new HTML5 desktop notifications.

I use Seesmic Web when I do not have access to Tweetdeck because it provides me plenty of features to interact with my Twitter timeline.  Much better than just the normal Twitter web interface.

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