The pre-order offer is out there already from Walmart, the new Super Bowl victory celebration has been revealed and now it is time for the demo of Madden NFL 11.

As we previously mentioned today is demo release day and it is now available on on the Madden NFL 11 page for Xbox 360.

The demo has five minute quarters which is what a lot of people play normally as it is the default quarter length in the game.  So this demo really gives you a taste of the game and its new features instead of one minute quarters like we have seen in past demos.

OK, so your stuck with the Jets vs the Colts but hey it is football!

Other details of the demo:

The demo will feature many of this year’s newest features, including the option to use GameFlow, an all-new playcalling system that automatically selects the best play for your team based on situational, authentic NFL game plans. You’ll also have the ability to create a full game plan before the game begins, using the Jets or Colts playbook. To showcase the updated audio presentation in this year’s game, the demo will also include commentary by Gus Johnson and Chris Collinsworth

Lastly, exclusively for Madden fans that play the demo, if you create and save a game plan in the demo, then you’ll automatically unlock the "master strategist" achievement/trophy once you buy the retail copy for the first time. In addition, demo players will get access to a unique Madden Ultimate Team card (Jets Stadium, complete with a defensive boost).

Demo Details:

Teams: Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Jets

Stadium: Jets Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Time/Weather: 1:00 p.m./clear

Skill Levels: Rookie, Pro, All-Pro, All-Madden, Five-minute quarters

I am looking forward to firing this up as I really want to see how GameFlow play calling works. How about you?